Wet Republic

Oracle LED Systems Makes a Splash at Wet Republic Pool Parties

Check out this article in PLSN Magazine featuring the Wet Republic Installation.

Oracle LED Systems’ panels have been poolside at Wet Republic for 4 seasons now. Throughout those 4 seasons, the design of the LED video wall has changed, but what has remained the same is the durability of the panels. The LED panels stay up in the blazing hot Las Vegas summer weather for an average of 32 weeks. The internal cooling system in our 9MM Black Widow HD panels allows for them to stay up in those conditions and not overheat.

An average of 170 panels go into the design every season. The design of the LED screen, created by Angel Music Group, is drawn up with the audience in mind, as well as for the notable DJ’s that hit the stage, which include Avicii, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Steve Aoki and many, many more. Our Oracle LED video display captures the bright, eye-catching content and the DJ’s logos. Be sure to check out the design when it goes poolside again next season!